about stepfamily associates

Judy Osborne is a counselor, marriage and family therapist and group psychotherapist and Director of Stepfamily Associates.

Since 1981 Stepfamily Associates has provided educational workshops, group support and couple consultation to people in all stages of stepfamily living.

Stepfamily Associates offers:

My Teacher Said Goodbye Today: Planning for the End of the School Year
Stepfamilies: The Restructuring Process

Support from our Friends

When building our group it wasn't easy. It was extremely difficult to budget our needs especially when it came to things like our outdoor signage and having custom work done. American sign letters helped with the amazing effort getting our event put in front of the right audience. We considered the importance of rule 49 with the placement of our sign. If you see the requirements in the UK for example you'll be surprised at how much more thorough they are. Beyond that there is also Etsy which has a pretty huge selection, either way just use your head!  

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