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Women in Stepfamilies Groups

People in stepfamilies often feel isolated and alone.

Families can be stuck:

  • in the dating stage,
  • when thinking of joining households,
  • when a wedding date is set,
  • when there's a new baby,
  • during vacations and summer holidays,
  • when financial questions loom,
  • when there are custody changes,
  • when children leave for college or work,
  • when adult children plan to marry.

We all have a picture of family. It is not usually a stepfamily.

Group members share support and information about stepfamily issues.

Support groups for women in stepfamilies meet monthly in Brookline, Reading and Quincy.

Fee: $35/person/session.

Short-term Groups for Couples in Stepfamilies

Groups provide a place for couples to deepen understanding of the issues that arise in stepfamilies, and to explore adaptations that can strengthen and enhance the couple bond.

Stepfamily living offers a new complex of human relationships with great opportunities for love and connection as well as daunting challenges. Everyone struggles with the challenge of bonding with someone else's child. Everyone struggles with feelings of loss, guilt, anger, jealousy and frustration. Through dialogue with others group participants can learn about the pitfalls and possibilities of these new family relationships.

Couples further their understanding of the process and issues in stepfamily living.

Groups for couples with children 12 and under and groups for couples with teen-aged children. Groups meet monthly, for six months.

Call for information about fees, time and place.

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