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Restructuring the stepfamily - a workshop for parents and their new partners.

Becoming a new couple while dealing with one or both sets of children is stressful. Discipline, ex-partners, custody changes, finances, time alone. At best, all are confusing issues.

This workshop focuses on the process leading to comfortable relationships for adults and kids. It is a chance to hear about the restructuring process and to speak with other couples in step- relationships.

The restructuring process goes on as the new couples moves from the first date to a safe, reliable and comfortable new family. The restructuring is a process wherein the old biological and ex-partner ties shift to allow:

  • The new couple to develop a strong couple relationship
  • The natural parents to create space for all the significant adults in their child's life
  • The children to work out the loyalty conflicts they feel in relation to parents and stepparents
  • The stepparent to create a role with their stepchildren
  • The ex-partner to become the other/non-custodial parent in realistic relationship to the new family.

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